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Tieto farby nie sú určené na použitie do kože. Len na papier, umelú kožu alebo airbrush.


Tattoo Ink Full Color Set
160 Colors - 30ml bottles


Includes: Black Cherry, Alley Juice, Menses, Heavy Flow, Bitches Brew, Candy Apple Red, Bloody Mary, Naughty Redheads, Kick A Ginger, Skittles, Terror Cotta, Opium Den, Pumpkin Head, Afterbirth Orange, Agent Orange, Salmon-Nilla, Golden Rod, Copper Feel, Vitamin C, Golden Shower, Bumblebee, STD Yellow, Yellow Snow, Corn Hole, Humpty Dumpty, Jaundice, Honey Mustard, Sewage Ochre, Tan Line, Roach, Electric Mucus, Mountain Doo, Kush, Grasshole, Creme De Meth, Zombie, Gonerria, Gang Green, Slurm, Urinal Lime, Sherwood Forest, Grass Muppet, Cactus Jack, Peyote, Green Go, Jungle Juice, Mescaline, Pakalolo, Tsunami, Greenspotting, Dental Floss, Grandma's Perfume, Spacehog, There She Blue, Turquoise, Mermaid Pussy, Picasso, Dead Sea, Peri-Twinkle, Smurf Farts, Sky Fall, Blue Shaboo, Blue Balls, Ur-Anus, Bang Bang Blue, Valium, Santa's Sack, Russian Navy, Blue Balls Of Destiny, Beaver, Blue Waffle, Sunset Blvd., Purple Haze, Mystic Farts, Purple Fiction, Purple Rain, Statutory Grape, Sizzurp, Prince, Prune Shits, Purple Nurple, Tinky Winky, Black Eye, Anal Rouge, Diaper Rash, What A Maroon, Raunchy Rose, Pinky Dinky Doo, Hello Kitty, Water My Melons, Pink Fluffy Monsters, Placenta Pink, Fruity Pebbles, Razzmatazz, Choco-Shake-Speare, Cesspool, Brown Stain, Skid Marks, Rust In Peace, Back Door Brown, Packer Fudge, Skin Sensation, Papa Don't Peach, Slippery Nipple, Skinny Dip, Silly Putty, Miss Piggy, Butt Skin, Junkie, Funeral Mauve, Turd Sandwich, Scrotie McBoogerballs, Mold, Grandpa's Ashes, Boneyard, Pus, Maggot, Cement Shoes, Plutonium, Long John Silver, Mr. Roboto, Gandalf The Gray, Dishwater Gray, Depression, Assphalt, Black Dynomite, Sculpting Black, Lining Black, Douche, Barry White, Betty White and Blood Lust.


Quantum Tattoo Inks and Pigments are MADE IN THE USA