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Tattoo Ink Set
75 Colors - 1 oz. bottles


includes: Black Cherry, Alley Juice, Menses, Bitches Brew, Candy Apple Red, Naughty Redheads,
Terror Cotta, Opium Den, Pumpkin Head, Afterbirth Orange, Agent Orange, Salmon-Nilla,
Copper Feel, Vitamin C, Golden Shower, STD Yellow, Yellow Snow, Humpty Dumpty, Jaundice,
Sewage Ochre, Tan Line, Mountain Doo, Slurm, Creme De Meth, Zombie, Gang Green, Cactus Jack,
Grass Muppet, Green Go, Jungle Juice, Mescaline, Pakalolo, Grandma's Perfume, Sky Fall, Turquoise,
Valium, Beaver, Blue Balls Of Destiny, Russian Navy, Blue Waffle, Purple Haze, Purple Fiction,
Statutory Grape, Prince, Prune Shits, Tinky Winky, Purple Nurple, What A Maroon,
Water My Melons, Pink Fluffy Monsters, Placenta Pink, Hello Kitty, Fruity Pebbles, Razzmatazz,
Choco-Shake-Speare, Brown Stain, Cesspool, Skid Marks, Rust In Peace, Back Door Brown,
Papa Don't Peach, Skin Sensation, Silly Putty, Miss Piggy, Butt Skin, Poopsicle, Plutonium,
Depression, Gandalf The Gray, Junkie, Sculpting Black, Assphalt, Douche, Barry White, Betty White


Quantum Tattoo Inks and Pigments are MADE IN THE USA

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